Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hospital: Tuesday #1- It's gotta get better

We had a very rough night. A's pain is not under control. In spite of his epidural, which is "delivering" the maximum amount of pain medication he can safely tolerate, he has severe spikes of pain roughly every two hours. He woke us throughout the night with piercing screams of pain. Erin and I took turns consoling him while his night nurse administered an extra boost of pain control at each of these intervals.

Thus far, we are expressly disappointed in how A's pain has been relatively neglected. The pain team has been contacted several times. After several contacts, they sent the resident up who looked at his epidural site and claimed it looked "normal". She said she's seen many with much more drainage than A's. Though that calmed us at the time, it soon became clear, as we entered the wee hours, that something was NOT normal.

This morning, the surgical team came in for rounds. They examined him and said he is looking good so far, though they didn't hear much in the way of bowel sounds (our first milestone). They were, again, made aware of A's pain situation and they agreed to contact the pain team themselves to discuss this problem. They also wrote for another medication that was explained to us like "Mot.rin". In addition, he does receive Ty.lenol by mouth every 6 hours.

Our nerves are rather rattled over here. We slept very little, taking turns working to console our little guy. The accommodations aren't exactly comfortable to begin with, but add in the stressful interuptions, and both of us are a bit on edge. He is now peacefully sleeping in Mutti's arms, and we've hit the 2 hour mark where the pain usually wakes A up, so perhaps some snuggles are helping. Soon, we're hoping to have a more effective plan for pain management in place. A deserves better than this.


Blue Pearl said...

Heart-wrenching. I really hate it when medical people compare a patient's situation to "worse cases". Do they want you to settle for less pain control? Hang in there. Keep questioning. It really is the squeaky wheel that gets the attention they deserve. So sorry you have to go through this. It must be just awful to see you baby in pain. Soon you will be leaving with your healthy boy.

bleu said...

I am just devastated for A and all of you. Request the patient advocate of the hospital if it is not better. They can usually get people worried enough to listen a smidgen more if those ass pain team people do not get their shit together.

I am so sorry for A, poor lil guy, he DOES deserve so much more.

Love and strength to you mama's it has to be so awful and hard but at least he has your collective arms for comfort.

Casey said...

I am so sad to read this update and can't imagine being in your shoes. I can't stand it when my kids hurt themselves playing and cry in pain - and A is having such real and intense pain. I think it's easy for the medical world to discount childrens (and especially infant) pain and it's just not right.

I agree with Bleu, request a meeting with a patient advocate. Have you talked with your doctor specifically?

I wish you all strength and a "resting as comfortable as possible" day.

Rachel said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that A is still in pain. I really hope that they figure out a safe form of pain relief for him. Is he on any monitors that indicate when he's in pain? I would also call the patient advocate and ask them to deal with this immediately.

I hope that all three of you get some relief soon.

tbean said...

What a horrible night--so sorry you are all going through this. Hospital stays are always very up and down, in my experience. You guys are strong, wonderful parents who I know will advocate until you get A. the care he needs. Hang in there.

Poltzie said...

I'm so sorry! I really hope that little A gets some releif soon. Good for you two for advocating for him so strongly, he is so lucky to have such great mommies!

Lizzie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what that feels like, to watch him hurt. You are both being great advocates and mama bears, protecting him. I agree that you could take it to the patient advocate. I did that with a bad HSG situation at a local hospital and I really watched them "jump to." Holding you in hte light.

E, M, and the Little Man said...

God, that sucks. It must get better soon.

Old Crone said...


I've spent many a night in the hospital with my daughter. Their pain is so bad, and I literally felt myself turning into Shirley McClain's character from "Terms of Endearment" when she goes out to the desk and slams her fist and say's "My Daughters in Pain GD! Do something NOW!".

I don't know what to tell you, except turn into the mama bear you and Erin are and make them listen to you. You are the only advocate that A has. Yell and scream if you have too, like Blue Pearl said, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Much love and hope of a fast recovery for A and for both of his Mamma's.