Monday, July 21, 2008

Hospital: Monday #3 - Nearly time for sleeping

Today was a long day. Surgery. Recovery. Then, we spent the afternoon wrestling with A's pain management. He was in a considerable amount of pain, and was intermittently screaming all afternoon. E and I finally demanded some more attention on how A was doing (after bringing it up several times), and they upped A's dosage of pain meds just a little bit. It did the trick. He is truly resting for the first time today.

E and I are about to sleep for the evening too. We've heard rounds come early in the morning, and we're anxious to get this recovery train on track. A is absolutely amazing. He is strong, loving, and incredibly beautiful through all of this. He is showing his moms how to push through difficult times and come out on top. He doesn't deserve this, but he is certainly navigating the entire experience with a resilience that I've never before seen. Absolutely amazing.


Lizzie said...

I'm so glad to have these reports. Sounds like you are great advocates for your son, and that is the best thing ever. Hope the rest of recovery is speedy.

bleu said...

I am so sorry you have had to fight to get him the care he deserves but so happy he is no longer in pain. Sleep well.

Clark said...

I've been following all your posts and sending lots of positive vibes your way the last couple of days.

A seems to be doing very well, and you guys are coping so amazingly - I don't think I would manage quite so well.

I hope that A's pain continues to be managed well, and as you've said, this is the end of all the medical stuff... hang in there.