Thursday, November 8, 2007

California, Here you come!

E and I had a very nice night last night. We went to a "craft night" hosted by my coworker. We finally had a chance to start working on the other pieces of the nursery. I started cutting squares for the quilt, and E cut out the stencils that she is going to paint on the wall. We still have much work to be done, but at least we've broken ground!

In addition to accomplishing baby-related items, which is always fun, we had a nice social evening. Since I've started feeling better, we've started seeing people socially again, which feels good - probably especially for E, who is by far a more social being than I. We both had a fine time. We brought another friend with us, and 6-8 women hung out all evening working on various things: painting, sewing, knitting, cutting out stencils... while also chatting and getting to know one another. What a nice way to spend an evening!

Today, we are getting some very special guests, all the way from CA! C&C arrive today, and we are picking them up in the early evening. They are gracing us with their presence until Monday afternoon, and we couldn't be happier as it's been nearly three months since we've seen our best gals. (and they really are the best!) Posting might be a bit scant this weekend due to so much friendly distraction, but there is also a chance that I will be the only (insane) soul up at 6am, giving me plenty of time to catch up with all of you.

Oh, one more thing, we're suspecting that C&C want to work on the nursery this weekend with us... so it's slightly possible that pics could be up by this weekend or early next week! I know you're all just hanging on to the edges of your seats!


Keri said...

I am Absolutely expecting pictures after the weekend! I mean, I won't show up and scream if it doesn't happen but I'll throw a little fit over here that you'll hear loud and clear! :)
Have a wonderful time with your best girls and get lots of rest.

sandra said...

Ooh, so fun! We're switching coasts (I'm heading to SF for a 10-day work trip on Sat.)

Calliope said...

have a great visit!
can't wait to see pics.

amyjay said...

Craft night sounds like so much fun....and productive!

jay said...

Indeed I do! And I hope you have a brilliant time!! xx

Julie said...

Craft night sounds fun! I think I need to organize one of those.

kwillmetta said...

I think is it agreed, we covet your craft night! Have a great week-end.