Monday, September 17, 2007

in the faces of friends (family)

We had a great weekend. S's sister and her clan came to visit us. We went to the farmers market, watched UW pull off a victory against the Citadel, and grilled. The girls Leah (2 years old) and Rachel (6 months) seemed to enjoy it almost as much as rest of us! It is always amazing to me to see our nieces growing up and I can't help but wonder at the things they have learned since we last saw them. Leah is such smart and happy little girl. Content to play with wooden frogs, hide from us, and give us pretend things (including 50 bucks, a million bucks, pizza, and cows)! Rachel smiles and laughs and is inches from crawling. Our house was full of love and life this weekend. It was such a wonderful feeling.

This morning as I sit at my desk at work, dreading another day spent doing the labors of arrogant, egotistical, narcissists I am still full of the love and life spread by our families visit. Some of my favorite Ani DiFranco lyrics comes to mind from her song, Good, Bad, Ugly:

it is good
good to be back home
how I missed this time zone
strangers are exciting
their mystery never ends
but there's nothing like looking at your own history
in the faces of your friends

Granted we are not back home or in our old time zone but home came to us! Thank you to B's clan for such a wonderful visit and for sharing our joy!

To extend the wonderful feeling and love my dad arrived for a visit about 5 hours after B's clan left! He is here till Tuesday and is ecstatic about being a Grandpa to our baby! We are so fortunate to have these wonderful people to remind us of our history and our future by looking into their faces!


Keri said...

How nice that you're having days and days of family to appreciate! Sounds wonderful!

eek said...

Glad it was a great weekend, and it's wonderful to hear the support and love of your families abound!

Ali said...

A good time with family is always a bonus to seeing them. How nice to have such supportive families

Holly said...

Your family sounds wonderful! Sounds like a great weekend!

Robin said...