Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, our secret is out... apparently my decoy glasses of wine and sudden affinity for "vodka" tonics wasn't particularly convincing. Our first "outing" came from a fellow sneaky pregnant couple. They happen to be pretty good friends of ours, so the fact that they are 2.5 weeks ahead of us is kind of fun. They spotted us b/c they were doing the exact same thing.

I think the best question we got was, "So, you don't really have to tell, but should we be expecting an announcement in 8-10 weeks?" As neither E nor I are particularly good liars, we admitted that an announcement might be on its way.... by the end of the night, we didn't have anyone left to tell. Oh well. the good news is that we had the perfect excuse for heading back to the hotel after the reception, no need to go to the bar. Phew.

So, we are home safe and sound. I think I slept around 10.5 hours last night. That's been my new requirement. Other than quite a bit of tiredness, I'm feeling pretty good as long as I'm able to exercise - something that Gladys demands anyways. Any other symptoms are mild and not worth complaining about. We're just so happy to be as far as we are.

We have our first appt with the midwife on 9/24. We are going to have lots of questions for her (for example, can I have ANY tea at all? All of the books and websites seem to swear off all herbal teas like they are black death.) The birthing center was really neat - we'll leave that for a different post. Suffice it to say for now that we decided to go there rather than the hospital.

As far as our embryo goes, s/he now should have a beating heart. A heart that actually beats! AND it even pumps blood! Wow!!


Anonymous said...

Really glad that everything is going so smoothly, that little seasame seed you have is quite the grower! S/he is so smart already I can tell! Hope you are doing well. Love you ladies!
Lil c.

MaMaMia said...

Not only could people tell because of your sneaky drink tactics, but I just bet they could read it all over your FACES!! I just picture you two walking around with perma-grins!! Glad you're feeling pretty well. I can't tell you how happy I am for you both!

Keri said...

Welcome home! How exciting - I'm sure once people figured out your secret, it was a giant love fest!

Lots of love coming at you from this way!

vee said...

Ha - that didn't stay quiet for long!!
I think you're ok on the fruit infusions, rather than "herbal teas", but worth checking of course. Glad it's all going well!

Holly said...

LOL! We had the same moment. We were going to wait, someone called us out on it and that was it. Within an hour, it was like 40 people knew! LOL!!!!
It's very cool that you have a pregnancy buddy too! Lois loved having someone who was 2 weeks apart from her to commiserate with!

sandra said...

SO cute! S -- I think you should start taking profile photos :)

ajs4ever said...

So glad you are back home safely:) Happy to hear you are feeling well and getting plenty of sleep. I, however, am awake at 1AM because of nausea- fun!fun!