Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally Friday

This week has been a bit long, and I'm glad we've finally made it to Friday. After a busy day at work, we have plans to focus on the house this weekend (cleaning out the office/nursery for one!!), for the first time since we found out about baby!

In preparation, we went out last night and purchased some fabric. I'm going to attempt several sewing projects including a crib quilt, curtains, pillows and a lap throw. Our colors are light blue and chocolate brown with other creams and tans. We are going to have a (very subtle) letter theme. I use the word "theme" very lightly, meaning we have one fabric with subtle letters on it. The rest are paisley and flourish-y. E is going to work on the art for the room.

We know it's early to purchase things. Since working on this room is something we're doing nearly from scratch, however, we have to get an early start. Neither of us are particularly superstitious; the only worry is that if something did go wrong, we'd have to look at partially finished baby items that we put work into. I think we decided we aren't afraid to forge ahead; we have a lot of belief in this baby sticking around. We're already in our 8th week!!!!!

I'll have to post some fabric pics later on. Have a great weekend!


Keri said...

I think it's great to keep living "as if" - as if you already know your baby will be the biggest part of your lives forEver!

The nursery sounds lovely - the same colors as our parlor - love it! & I love that you're creating all the parts of it rather than buying them from the shelves. Much more personal. & crafty!

EIGHT WEEKS already!!
Love you girls!!

Erin said...

Notice I said we were starting our 7th week. I still can't figure this all out. Good thing our baby will get the smarts from you and no worries about my metal capacity.

I'm excited about the room!

sandra said...

Yay!!!! I want to see pics of the room in progress.

Melissa said...

can't wait to see some pics. I think the fabric and "theme" sound great!

Anonymous said...

It's not green ?!?!?! I'm shocked!

Don't worry Erin, I never worry about my own METAL capacity either. :)

I'm going to send you a picture of the mural Eric and I did for Skeeter. It only took making a transparency of the image, renting a projector, and an afternoon of tracing and painting.


Sara said...


You are very funny! I have a very diverse color pallette now: green, blue, and green-blue!!