Saturday, April 7, 2007

Taming the Obsession

What day do you all think we should we test?


Jamie said...

I probably wouldn't test until at least 10dpo with an early result test -- and even then it may be too early.

It really depends on how much you like self-torture. Waiting is hard but seeing a negative that might not really be negative is harder.

Adrienne said...

You guys make me laugh! I'm obsessing too, and I don't think I've even ovulated yet!

Seriously, I would wait until at least Day 14 of your cycle. Any testing before that could lead to a false negative and puncture your hope balloon. And that would suck.

Gretch said...

It is *really* hard to wait, and I can't say that we always waited...but, that being said...Co (of The Family O) recently got a negative on day 14 and then a positive on day, use that info however you want!

fingers crossed for you!

ellie said...

No earlier that 10dpo-- but even that can give you false results-- so you may want to test again at 14. It's the false results that totally suck-- you think you are then you aren't, just in general it sucks if you aren't and you start your period with all the hormones speeding down. Doubly sucks if you open the door, think you are and then aren't-- so my assvice is to wait. It's worth the extra 3 days.