Monday, April 2, 2007

Green Light

WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT TODAY! S's SOs decided to show their little faces and their follicles! There are two follies, one at 18mm in the left ovary and one on the right at 20mm. Her E2 came back at 460!!! This means that there is at least one follicle that is mature and producing the right amount of estrogen to be viable. Our NP looks for 300 E2 for each follicle over 18mm but we have heard some say that 200 is the number their doctors look for. Needless to say we are excited that they both might be mature and ready to go but are pleased with one!

I got a quick tutorial on how to give an intramuscular shot while at the doctor's office. We have decided to do the hCG at home this time versus at the doctor's office. This will allow us the opportunity to have a better-timed insemination than before. We go in tomorrow morning at 10 am for the first insemination so I will likely be shooting S up tonight around 9 or 10 pm (probably 10 because I have a conference call tonight that will likely go until around 10). We will also pick up one of the ICI sperm vials tomorrow at the doctor’s office around 5 pm and do an at home insemination (we have them anyway). On Wed. we will do another in office insemination at 9 am.

Here is the breakdown:

4/2: 10 pm hCG shot to force ovulation (should happen within 24 hours of the shot).
4/3: 10 am in office IUI insemination
- 12 hours after the hCG
4/3: 5 pm at home ICI insemination
- 18 hours after the hCG
4/4: 9 am in office IUI insemination
- 35 hours after the hCG

How does this regimen look to you all? We think this covers a pretty good amount of our window. Input?

On another note, Gladys woke me up at 3 am (very strange for her) needing to go outside. Since it was strange I walked out with her. She immediately did #2 with no doggy magic poop dance, then #1, then puked. I came back in as she was still wandering the backyard to find two piles of puke (food and sticks) in the dining room. I cleaned it up and G came back in. Acting a bit strange but ok. She got up a few minutes later and puked in the dining room again. This time we decided to let the clean up wait till the morning. Well, the little lady left us 6 piles of bloody puke on our brand new carpet. She is doing better now but has to be closely watched. Looks like she probably ruptured blood vessels in her stomach from puking, sounds like a long night of drinking is the same as a long day of eating sticks!

Well, we are really really excited about the coming days and then looking for the TTW to go fast. My dad will be here for the Easter weekend so that should help some of the time go by quickly.

Come on swimmers, Easter is the time for egg hunts!!!!!!!


Edited at 3:46 by Erin

S just called me and swears she have movement on the left side. We are going to add an ICI to the schedule for tonight. Why not throw everything we have in our arsenal at this one? The rest of our protocol is staying the same.


Jo said...

Sounds like you have a good plan and great e2 numbers to boot!

I know during IVF cycles that trigger forces ovulation in about 36 hours.How much HCG will you be injecting?

Also a good possiblilty both will go as trigger shot helps with maturation as well : )


Erin said...

1 CC of hCG.

Thanks for the cheering jo!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow. I have no idea about the plan, but I can't stop grinning from ear to ear for ya'll. Woo Hoo!

Kim said...

That's GREAT news! Sounds like a plan to me. :o) Im so excited for yall. My fingers are crossed...toes too. Good luck!

Jamie said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies! What great news! Sending good thoughts your way...oh and Tank says to tell G to hang in there and stop eating sticks.

Love you both!

Alissa said...

Hooray! Sounds like a great plan. Congratulations!

sandra said...

I TOTALLY don't understand any of the science stuff behind all this, but it seems rather sensible and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. YAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great plan! I hope this one works!! Just one thing - the HCG trigger shot causes ovulation around 36 hours after the shot is given. For IVF they usually do egg retrieval 35 to 35.5 hours after the shot (and all those eggs better still be in those follicles otherwise the RE would have a lot of really angry people who are out $12k). Since you're doing 2 IUI's and the at home ICI's you should be covering a really large time window and should be fine. When I got pregnant, I just did 1 IUI 36 hours after trigger.

Erin said...

Reveal yourself anonymous! You seem to have great information!