Friday, April 20, 2007

CD1: Thank you all

Thank you all for your support, hopes, and comments. Today is CD1 as AF arrived today. S stopped the progesterone 3 nights ago and sure enough AF was released from her confines.

CD1: reflections of a negative cycle

· We now know what evil P has to offer in false signs of pregnancy. We are on to you evil P.
· NO testing on CD 10 – CD 14
· NO reading into signs
· Injectables make good follicles
· HCG at home = sure thoughts of timing
· We are ready for the next go round
We really are ready. I think we are going to change a few things about the cycle but that we are definitely on the right track for once. This was our best chance and we are determined to continue to make it get better.

Thank you all for staying on for the ride.

We go in today for a CD1 ultrasound to see what S's ovaries look like. Checking for cycsts and a baseline for follicles.


eek said...

Doesn't AF know that there is NO room in the inn for her presence? Glad to hear you all were able to take some positives from this round...hopefully it will mean things will go even better this time. We'll keep our fingers crossed! PS - your email button isn't working!

SW said...

BUMMER. I'm sorry it's over for this round, but I'm so happy you're both looking forward to what's to come. Sending fertile thoughts your way this month!

Alissa said...

Counting down the days till the next round!

Keri said...

I'm so sorry ladies. I checked on you a couple of times last night - hoping your battle was won.

Even're strong enough to fight this fight until you get exactly what you want!

Here's to next month!

Erin said...

Thanks, ya'll. eek, I think I fixed it.

Gretch said...

That "P" *is* an evil little monster...I'm sorry this cycle wasn't the one for you two, but glad things seem to be falling into place with the injectibles. Thinking optimistic thoughts for you about the next round!

Carey said...

I'm sorry this cycle didn't work. But, with each cycle, you do learn something, so that's a good thing. Not like that makes you feel any better right now I know :(

Ingrid said...

Argh. Sorry. But yes, good lessons learned, and on to the next try. It's especially good you're feeling the injectables are working.

Go have yourself a nice drink & dinner out in this beautiful weather!

vee said...

Shit ladies, that's not what I was hoping to hear. I'm sorry.

Good to hear you feeling upbeat though. I hope the OTTW (other Two Week Wait) passes swiftly for you and that next time is the charm.

Twisted Ovaries said...

I'm so sorry this round didn't succeed for you guys.

Adrienne said...

Damn, I was so hoping for you guys this cycle. Well, on to the next!