Tuesday, April 3, 2007

IUI #1 down!

We did an at-home (ICI) last night, just to make sure we'd catch the window if I was ovulating yesterday afternoon at all (probably wasn't, but....) Today, we had the IUI. It went well enough - our Dr. always talks about how my cervix doesn't like to play nice like other cervices (?) do... so, I always have a bit more pinching than would otherwise be the case. Alas - it's all worth it if we end up with a baby to love. Interestingly, though, she thought that my cervix may have hindered other IUI's from working (something about the catheter's path...)

So, we feel like this one is our lucky cycle.

  • Stubborn Ovaries forced into producing follicles (2 of them!!) - CHECK
  • E2 levels high enough to indicate good follicles - CHECK
  • HcG shot perfectly timed w/ IUI's -CHECK
  • Stubborn Cervix forced into facilitating swimming path - CHECK! CHECK!

Luckily, our chances of getting pregnant are now a whopping 25%!!! E and I are feeling good about this one - we know we have a viable shot, which is something that hasn't happened enough to this point.

We truly appreciate the comments and emails! Thank you to everyone supporting us and sending us good thoughts and wishes - we need them, and we cannot thank you enough.


vee said...

It's all looking good for you guys!
I have to say what a great phrase I think "stubborn ovaries" is, though I'm sure it's no fun to have them. Do you think they dig their heels in and pout?

Anonymous said...

Holding my breath and thinking good thoughts....for you I've changed that to "great" thoughts. Wishing you the best. Dad

Holly said...


Alissa said...

Hooray! This is so exciting! You guys are in my prayers!