Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No REAL news

We haven't tested again, and are still in between assuming the BFN is true and seeing that AF has yet to appear, which she should today (or yesterday) sometime if history dictates... Here's some "interesting" facts about this cycle, which have caused us to hold out more hope than we would normally:
  • Initially, I had a bad feeling b/c of low soreness and a very low temp rise. I mean VERY low, around .4 degrees; whereas normally my first two weeks hover between 96.8 - 97.3 and my spike is somewhere in the range of 97.8 and 98.1, about a degree difference.
  • Low, low, low temps... and then on Sunday morning: SPIKE with a bunch of soreness

Erin did some research and found that FF showed something called a triphasic cycle, which appeared (presumably) after implantation. So, yesterday, we were riding high between the temps, soreness and lack of AF... since AF is usually here by now, let alone showing signs of appearing.

This morning, however, my spike lessened... it's still higher than I was for the 9 or 10 days preceding this most recent spike, but... FF didn't think it was anything special, that's for sure. (Not that she's always right!!) Still no signs of AF, and in spite of what our widget says, tomorrow is 14dpo, we think...

Anyone care to weigh in?

p.s. we need to add it to our glossary, but FF refers to Fe.rtility Fr.iend, which is an online program designed to help us track all of the dozens of things we track every month (meds, temps and much MUCH more.)


*G* said...

FF *is* useful (despite our RE's repeated assertions to the contrary...he says "eh, those temps don't mean anything, anyway..."). BUT, FF is not always right. For example, the cycle that worked for us, the ovulation day was indicated as day 19 (then we did the IUI on day 20) and then later, the FF software adjusted our ovulation day all the way to day 23...which, isn't very likely given that frozen swimmers don't seem to live that long.

Of the cycles that we actually added swimmers to the equation, the one that worked was the one that felt completely off-kilter (temps were way lower than normal, pre-ovulation, the ovulation predictor sticks and the fertility monitor weren't lining up AT ALL with each other for the first time, and then the thing with the adjustment of the ovulation date from day 19 to day 23 via FF software, we were sure there was no chance in the world that it could have worked. So, for us, a different-looking cycle seemed to be a good (though disorienting) thing.

Fingers still crossed for you two until AF arrives!

bleu said...

this is why i refuse to ever temp again, good luck i am pulling for ypu both

vee said...

I vote you test again! That's not really constructive advice, but hey - I'm dying to know.

eek said...

We're holding out hope for you gals! Hugs to you both...dig the new picture.

PS - SW finally stopped tracking temps b/c even though things were progressing "like they should", our results were still a no. Two docs have said that temp tracking only works for about 30% of the people, so we (or I should say SW) stopped tracking, and she's felt better b/c of it.

Then again, it's all so personal, and I think there something is useful to be gleaned from temp taking. So I'm not at all trying to say one way or the other. In fact, I'm not really certain what I am trying to say. I believe I need to find a way to rid my bloodstream of all the caffeine I have consumed.

Sending peaceful thoughts your way.

MaMaMia said...

I have never used FF or taken temps. Just relied on the mid-cycle U/S.
I hope so bad this is the cycle!! I keep checking back for updates. . .am I weird or what!!
Love the new pic!

Carey said...

Just so you know, doing injects (and even clomid) can throw off your temps... temping really isn't all that reliable, esp. when doing meds. My fingers are crossed for you guys!!

Melissa said...

I agree with Vee...test.test.test. (just kidding). But I am dying to know. :)

Melissa said...

Oh...I think you're new picture is super cute!

Kim said...

We used FF and temped the 3 months prior to our first attempt. I thought I had to but after seeing the doc and them telling me to just pee on a stick and when the smiley face showed up to call them...that's just what we did. I don't think I even know where the thermometer is now.

Like EEK said, it's a personal choice I guess.

Here's to the BFP we're all waiting on!

Great new pic!