Monday, July 30, 2007

11 dpo


War has commenced, and so far we are satisfied w/ our progress... it is a gory undertaking, but hopefully we will have enough success that future wars will not be necessary. I will spare the details, let us just say that many beetles now rest in peace. Good point, E & M, we may be attracting neighborhood pests...we may have to change strategies. Any other suggestions out there?

Our TWW is going by rather quickly, for some reason - I'm guessing it's the insane schedule we never cease to keep. We were quite disappointed with our BFN, but hope has not yet exited the building; however, she is on her way out. AF should be here tomorrow if history will be repeating itself.

This week promises to keep us entertained.
  • Tonight E has a commitment, and I will be spending the evening finishing my quilt for my class on Wednesday.
  • Tuesday will be more of the same in addition to some laundry in anticipation for our big trip.
  • Wednesday, I will be spending some time with some new work friends (bad timing for me, but so important to form good relationships with coworkers) while Erin packs the car.
  • Thursday night, E has kickball (the most ridiculous game on earth), and I believe Angiebabe will be coming over to give me a cut and color. (Everyone should have an Angiebabe, she is the BEST we've ever had!)
  • Friday we leave for MICHIGAN!

We are spending Friday night at E's dad's house. He will be taking care of Gladys while we are at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival where our dearest friends are getting hitched. Before we head out, we will also have a chance to see one of my sisters and her family. Yes, it's action packed, but it will be a fantastic week!


amanda said...

Oh man, i SO hope that your distracted next few days will end up with a BFP at the end!
11 dpo is definitely early, so my fingers are still tightly crossed for you gals.
In any case, have a blast in Michigan!

vee said...

You weren't kidding when you said you were busy!!
And don't believe anything you see at 11DPO. Unless it's a positive of course!

eek said...

I will do my "AF can kiss my a** and stay out of the building" dance today, hoping to keep her at bay. Keeping you in our thoughts!!

Melissa said...

Hang in there it is only 11dpo. I would love to see a picture of your quilt! I took a class a few years ago and really need to get back into doing it again.

SaraS-P said...

I hate to be that annoyingly optimistic person who mentions her BFN at 11dpo followed by a BFP at 14dpo (thus rudely invalidating all current reasonable reactions you are having to that BFN)... but it does happen. I swear I am usually the pessimistic, overly realistic one, so I won't be throwing hope around very often, really.

Staying busy is a great idea. Keep that up!

Keri said...

11dpo may deserve an "early negative" but not a BFN. I'm not giving in this early. I'll be keeping close for different results. :)

Have a great time at Mich Fest! I've always wanted to go but I assume I would end up naked and never show my face again....

SW said...

Thinking of you two today and wishing the best possible outcome for this cycle!!!