Saturday, July 14, 2007

Food Poisoning

Poor E! After her softball game last night, we took Jim - E's dad- to a Caribbean restaurant known for its drinks and good food. We had way too much food on the table, and enjoyed sharing pecan crusted grouper, a shrimp tomato curry, and papaya prawns - in addition to coconut shrimp and some carrot soup. Feast! Of course, we also managed to drink several mojitos.

Unfortunately, the prawns didn't sit right with E, and she has been in bed all day, after being up all night. She can't stand the idea of the peppermints, 7up or gingersnaps I bought her yet, so send her lots of 'feel better' thoughts. She did, however, appreciate the"crystal rose" Walgreen's had- tacky things always make a sick person feel better!

On the baby-making front, the injections are going well. E's an old pro already! No bruising yet, and she has figured out that I won't feel any sting if she blows on the alcohol to make it dry. Hopefully she will be able to do more today than just get up to give me my shot. :-( We have our first check-in u/s on Monday at 330, and we don't really know what to expect. Since we took this last break, my cycles have been fantastically regular- like never before. (Could be the weight, the exercise, the lack of stress, the regularity of a 8-5 job, or my new commitment to drinking/eating only whole milk products...) so, we're hoping for a good cycle this time around.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


eek said...

Please send along some get well soon thoughts to E, please! We're thinking of you!

Keri said...

Nothing worse than food poisoning! but glad to hear the injections are going well. :)