Friday, August 1, 2008

Progressing nicely

A is doing wonderful. The first day home, Wed, he was severely cranky and what seemed to be uncomfortable. He was straining do to gas and bowel movements. He was sent home on Re*glan to encourage his bowels to open up and flow. Well, we took him off of it and he is now a happy content pooping smiling baby. We both just felt like the drug was not necessary AND upsetting him. So far it proves to be the right decision.

S’s mom and grandmother are here until tonight and have been a great support and wonderful company. A’s great grandmother held him the entire day yesterday as S and her mom worked to get the house back in order after a wild and busy month. Thanks C and D!

My dad will be retuning on Sunday so A can have a few more weeks of recovery before starting daycare. Family is great!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad to hear that your little one is on the mend and that you have such great support around you.

bleu said...

YAY for mama's instinct on the meds!!!!!!!!

sandra said...

Go, Baby A!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good news all around. i am sorry i have not sent any comments, but i've been reading and thinking of all of you and hoping for the best. you have so much strength!

E, M, and the Little Man said...

I'm so glad both of your families are able to be there for you. Also, I'm happy that you're home and things are looking up. :)

keri said...

SO happy all is well. And I'm glad you have more time until daycare.
Enjoy your weekend with your family.

Melody said...

I'm glad. I hope the transition back to work is going smoothly too.

ajs4ever said...

This is great news!! I'm so glad you have such great support from your family! We will keep A in our prayers for a speedy rest of his recovery!

Lizzie said...


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