Monday, August 11, 2008

Another countdown begins

Grandpa leaves in one week... that means A starts daycare in one week. Wow. I'm nervous.

I think we will probably appreciate getting into and being able to stay in a routine. I'm sure that he'll eventually really like going to "school". Still, in one week, our four month old peanut goes to day care. I wish we had more options.


*G* said...

Mater started day care when she was right around 4 months old, too. Those first few days were hard, but it goes by so quickly at this stage, that soon she was able to sit up and have a whole new perspective on the world as well as the ability to play with the other kids! That's when she really started to appreciate it, I think.

I'm sure Mr. A will have a great time learning lots of new things at school, and making lots of new friends, too. Hoping the transition goes well for everyone :)

Holly said...

Day care is hard, but just wait until he starts loving it! Andrew jumps out of our arms when he gets there and has learned a ton.

We call it school too!