Monday, May 12, 2008

The start of week 4 in the NICU

We're not going home today. Maybe tomorrow, but not today. I'm getting the feeling that we're going to hear that for a few days.

A is doing relatively well. They removed his PIC line (central IV) this morning, and we're able to leave the hospital for 6 hours today (same as yesterday.) We are waiting for the surgeon to decide how to proceed if/when we go home as we will be treated like outpatients. E and I were not-so-secretly hoping that they'd just decide to go ahead and reconnect him this week, but it looks like that won't be the case either. The very good news is that he's continuing to gain weight, even if his output is still high.

I'm having a severe bout of the "Why Me"s today. None of this seems fair, and I have the urge to drop an f-bomb every other word. So, I think it's best that I sign out for the time being.


Poltzie said...

I'm sorry Sara,
Being a new mom is hard enough. Little A is so lucky to have the both of you though, such committed mommies!

ohchicken said...

i think that wanting to drop some f bombs is a completely appropriate response to all the stress of the past few weeks. for me, dropping them is cathartic. if it helps, drop away. feel free to send me an email chock full of them.

i know this sounds like cheesy bs, but every day is bringing you closer to going home for good with A. you're moving toward being a hospital-free family.

i hope today gets easier.

Keri said...

Let the f bombs fly if you need to. I can't imagine how frustrating it's all been.
I'm glad to hear he's still gaining weight and spending more and more time at home. Here's hoping for a wonderful tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Little A is looking so good, he even smirks when he sleeps! That's awesome! You all look so content when you're at home with him that we wouldn't even know you had this ordeal looming over your heads. I think focusing on that time spent outside of the NICU is what's going to get you home faster! Keep that little man growin!
Love always,
Lil C

NotesFrom2Moms said...

f bomb away... i'm holding out hope that you guys will be going home soon..

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. Being a new mom and having a baby is hard enough without the universe/life adding more to your plate.
I wish you peace, love, light and patience.
I pray that soon this will all be a distant memory in your minds.

MaMaMia said...

I agree with the others. Bombs away. You've got to be able to release somewhere, and why not to us.

bleu said...

I am so sorry hun. This ISN'T fair, in any way.
I wish you much love and peace even with F bombs all around.

girlranting said...

Hun, if you can't vent here, then where? Vent all you need/want, we'll still be here sending good vibes your way...

(even if we mostly lurk, we still send LOTS of good vibes ~~~~*~~~~)

Jude said...

Coming out of lurk.

Hey Sara, I'm Jude and I'm a good friend of Annie "ohchicken". I stumbled across the village here from wearefambly on the day you got your positive and have been visiting ever since.

I have loved following you and Erin's journey through pregnancy and have cried with you and prayed for you over the last few tough weeks.

I guess today I wanted to honour your struggles and your journey and your writing. It's taken a village from long before (gorgeous) A was a sparkle in your belly, and it's just a new wing that is surrounding you now. I know if doesn't feel like a phase - but it is, and it will pass.

You guys are so strong - you are going to make GREAT mums - in fact you are already great mums - and I can't wait for the day when you are all finally home together.

Much love from London
Jude x

Dr. Grumbles said...

I am glad he is at least getting bigger.

Why you? I ask that, too.