Thursday, November 30, 2006


Yesterday, Erin was turned onto a blog called I, of course, quickly jumped in and read every single post. Carey's first point about blogging may be the most compelling reason to do so: because if you blog long enough, a baby is sure to come along!

And so you have it, we were inspired to start writing as well.


We have been trying to have a baby for nearly two years now. We started when I was still in grad school. We tried ICI (donor sperm, turkey baster method) then took a break for a bit. Encountered some problems late last spring, had some polyps removed this summer and started clomid this fall. we're on our fourth cycle now and my body is all out of whack again. Our NP (nurse practitioner) says after this, she has one more step, and then we will have to move to the infertility clinic.

We had dreamed of announcing a baby at Xmas... not so....

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